Welcome to The Open Future Institute

A new 501c-3 non-profit Institute whose mission is to support the evolution of culture.

At OPEN FUTURE INSTITUTE, we believe that cultural values, worldviews, and ways of defining meaning are at the heart of the human journey. Evolving these “invisible” systems is the key to making room for the possibilities ahead and solving many of the all-too-visible problems that confront us.

Our initial program is focused on education. The QUESTion Project empowers young people to explore their values, worldviews and aspirations, while developing the courage to forge their own identity and future with meaning and purpose. It addresses the most important questions and choices that young people face as they become young adults and begin to take responsibility for their own life and future. It enables them to question and define their outlook on life, pursue their deepest aspirations, and define their role in making the world a better place.

By engaging youth with the QUESTion Project, we seek to empower the change-makers of today and tomorrow to shape their lives with inspiration, meaning and purpose. 

At this early stage we welcome your support!

Gerard Senehi, Founder