Welcome to The Open Future Institute

A new 501c-3 non-profit Institute whose mission is to promote and expand our understanding of how culture evolves, in order to address global challenges at their deepest source and support the ongoing advancement of society.

At Open Future Institute, we believe that cultural values, worldviews, and ways of defining meaning are at the heart of the human journey, and that evolving these “invisible” systems is the key to solving many of the all-too-visible problems that confront our world. Through education, activism, and media, informed by leading-edge theory and research, we seek to empower and inspire change-makers of today and tomorrow. Our programs and partnerships focus on optimizing the power of human agency, uncovering the greatest leverage points for culture-change, and building the capacities we will need to create a positive future.

At this early stage we welcome your support!

Gerard Senehi, Founder